April is National Poetry Month

by Guest Blogger M.O.M

Wow, a whole month devoted to poetry! That is quite impressive don’t you think? So, in recognition of this important event here are some thoughts to share with you.

National Poetry Month is a month-long celebration of poetry that was established by the Academy of American Poets. It aims to bring attention to poetry so that it can reach a wider audience and be appreciated by more. But why you might ask? In this age of 140 characters and abbreviated txtng why should we read poetry? Well, that is a good question and really requires a full and thoughtful answer. Another time. When the month isn’t about to end and we haven’t even posted a great, inspiring poem to justify the discussion. We can talk about it later. In honor of ┬áthis month here is a poem….a favorite.

Never Trust Dragons

‘I see you’ve arrived,’ the dragon said,
bright eyes like beacons set in his head.

‘Yes’ said the vet. ‘Left as soon as I knew
Now tell me the problem, a touch of the ‘flu?’

‘My flame has gone out, I can’t raise a spark,
not much use when you hunt in the dark.’

The vet peered down the gigantic throat,
black as a chimney and reeking of soot.

He threw in some petrol, a match to ignite,
firelighters, coal, and some dynamite.

The dragon covered a burp with his paw,
a flicker of flame flashed dlown his jaw.

He licked his lips with a golden tongue:
‘Take your fee, vet, you’d better run.

I can feel my fires boil, they are returning.
In a couple of minutes you could be burning.’

Clutching a diamond the size of a star,
the vet scampered away to his car.

As he drove off the dragon’s bright fire
gushed out of the cave and scorched his tires.

The vet snapped his fingers, laughed at the brute
because he was wearing his flame-proof suit.

David Harmer

from Dragon Poems by John Foster and Korky Paul