Angels and Demons by Dan Brown


Robert Langdon is a symbologist and he has been sent some information that the secret society known as the Illuminati – a group devoted to science since the time of Galileo and condemning Catholicism since then too – is actually still in existence. When Max Kohler, director of CERN, calls him in because of a mysterious death, every single piece of evidence is pointing towards the Illuminati but Robert won’t believe it. The man murdered was Leonardo Vetra and he was a great scientist and a priest. The last discovery he made was of antimatter – the most powerful and most dangerous thing known to man – and after he was killed, the biggest amount ever of antimatter was stolen. It was a small amount but enough to completely vaporize Vatican city and that is just what it has been put in the center of the Vatican city to do. Langdon and Vittoria – Leonardo Vetra’s daughter – are now on a mission to save 4 cardinals who’s lives are in danger and retrieve the antimatter before it explodes – only 24 hours. And counting.


This actually might have been better that Digital Fortress. This book was full of action, romance, mystery, and suspense. I just could not put this book down. I actually read it in 3 days and the book is over 600 pages. There are just some things that you should watch out for though. This book is actually really violent because there is a “Hassassin” (Hassassin was the old word for assassin the book). This man does some gruesome things and some of it is kind of cringeworthy. This book is kind of easy to follow. But only in some parts. There is scientific talk and that is sometimes confusing. There is also a small amount of sexuality which is kind of descriptive. Dan Brown made this book gripping and a page turner. I could not put it down as I said and I think that you will too.

This book should be read before you read the Da Vinci Code because the first chapter of that book refers to it (briefly). I might read this book again but I think that it just might be a one time read book. I recommend that no one should read this unless they are under the age of 14-15 years old. But otherwise enjoy this really good book.

What do you think?

This book is quite popular so I cannot be the only one who read it. If you have read this book, tell my what you think of it. Tell me what you think the age should be to read it.