And Now For Something Completely Different

One of the most wonderful things about the holidays is receiving cards, photo cards and letters from those we don’t see or speak to very often. This is a joy in all its stages. Finding something personal tucked into the mailbox, the anticipation of opening it and reading news of those far away, the shock at seeing how big the children are, how cute the puppy is, where they vacationed, and so on. The miles are shortened and for a brief moment there is a reconnection. Warm feelings all around.

So, what interest to discover the second week in January is National Letter Writing Week (January 9-15) and further investigation also seems to show it is celebrated in various places around the globe. What a great idea that in this fast paced email, text, etc. world to actually sit and write a letter (by hand) and send it through the mail to a lucky person. Not sure what to say? Say hi, just chat, give them some news, share a memory, recommend a book!

Why should you do this? Well, there are others who can say it far better. Start here at 365 Letters a blog devoted to writing and connecting. Peak around and you will find many inspirational things, and lots of useful letter writing sites to visit. Some of the wonderful links that are suggested to help you make your mind up to actually write a letter remind us what is lost without letters here, anything here will inspire you to write  (well maybe not the football things – but then again who knows),and  this might jumpstart you into action. If you are completely taken with the idea of writing check out The Penpal Project which will make the world a much smaller place and you can make some global friends. Or if a whole letter is too much what about a postcard?

Does that put you in the mood? Hurry, because the week is almost over….but truly any time is a good time to write and send a letter.