An Explanation

So offers little blogging workshops to help people get their blog back up and running and help bloggers learn about blogging, or to seriously advance ones writing and ones blog. So I have decided to try to join in, though it will be difficult with my school work.

But I’m going to try.

Now and then, or more frequently (as they send posts out every day (it only lasts for about 2 weeks or so)), I will be posting blog posts for the Blogging 201 assignments. But I won’t post the ones that are more just for me learning how to do things. I’ll post the good ones that will pertain to my readers.

So don’t worry and don’t think that this blog is suddenly taking a weird turn. It’s just to help this blog grow and get a nice solid and concrete direction down once and for all!

And yes, I am working on some more book and movie reviews! ^.^

Until then, happy reading!!!!