An awesome blog I found!!!

So I’ve recently been looking around the great internet to find some new blogs to follow and I stumbled across this awesome blog!

It’s called The Book Zone (For Boys) and essentially it’s a blog that is filled with books that would seriously appeal to boys. As stated on the blog, it doesn’t only pertain to boys, as girls would like the books, but the books that are reviewed on the blog are more masculine in nature and would be more interesting towards guys.


In addition to having that blog, he also has an adult version of it, Book Zone Big Brother which are books that are for males but for adults.

Book Zone Big Brother logo


Honestly, this is an incredible idea! I’ve never really thought about it before how most books are more girl oriented or wouldn’t completely catch the interest of guys as much and so compiling books that guys may like more is a great idea!

Definitely go check out both blogs and have a look around as they’re fantastic!