Amnesia (2013- )

Cover art of the Amnesia anime


“Young girl wakes up with no memory. She sees a floating sprite who tells her that her amnesia is his fault and that she just plays along and acts normally while he helps her gain her memory back. She tries, but it’s not easy.”



OKAY! I need to start off with a little rant. THIS HAD SUCH AN UNSATISFACTORY ENDING! Like it says that it may continue (since it has 2013 – and no end date) but like, I doubt it will continue since it’s drawing, slowly, to the end of 2015. And like I thought there would be closure and all this stuff, but not. It was so sad and I’m sitting here like….Q.Q WHUT? Y U DO THIS?!

But, now let me get to the review aspect. It was an interesting anime, definitely, but very confusing. Since it followed the main heroine  and her amnesia, there were many times were you were confused. You never truly knew where she saw, what world she was in, who was who, and what exactly was going on. And what world she was in, I mean by the fact that she would die and wake up on the same date, August 1st, with memories of the other worlds but no memories of anything that happened before August 1st and no idea what all of this was happening. Honestly, until about episode 8, out of 12 episodes, I was extremely confused and constantly was having to think and ask myself questions. The producers had a great idea behind the anime, but they didn’t deliver it very well in my opinion. They could have done so much more with it!

The graphics were typical animations, though I loved their costumes. There was a deck of cards theme kind of going on with some of the characters too. Apparently, per usual, it is a manga (I believe) and a game called Amnesia Later so I’m not sure if questions were answered or not. If you know the answer to this, please do let me know as I’m curious and don’t really have time to play games and enjoy myself at the moment.

Anime characters from Amnesia

I did really like the main theme song of the show though. That always does determine something for me – if it has a good theme song, I am more into watching it. An example of that was I started watching an anime called Samauri Champloo and while it was a good anime, and I may get hate for this, I really hated the theme song as it really wasn’t my taste, so I slowly stopped watching it. This anime had quite a good them song and I love listening to it.

This anime does fall under the category of reverse harem I believe. Harem being one guy and a bunch of girl characters, but this being one girl and a bunch of male characters (though there were only about 5). It was not a girly flick as far as I could tell (though since I’m a girl I’m partially biased) and was entertaining overall. Towards the end, there were a few questionable moments where one of the characters was kind of hinting at rape, or something along those lines (or that’s what I got from it) so I was a little like “hold up” but eventually it all sorted itself out.

It is a short anime, only 12 episodes, with each episode being only 20 minutes or so, so it won’t take long to watch and is definitely one to check out. The anime is an acquired taste as there isn’t a lot of action, though there is ‘romance’ in the sense that the heroine keeping finding out she’s dating a different guy in each world she wakes up in, which was strange, but an interesting ideas as well.

All in all, it was a decent anime but I’d classify it as a hit of miss due to the fact that it wasn’t one of the better ones out there. Though, if you have some time and are looking for something interesting to binge watch, give this one a shot and let me know what you think.

Anyone else kinda confused?

Happy watching!