Alien: Covenant (2017)


Michael Fassbender – David/Walter
Katherine Waterston – Daniels
Billy Crudup – Oram
Danny McBride – Tennessee


“The crew of a colony ship, bound for a remote planet, discover an uncharted paradise with a threat beyond their imagination, and must attempt a harrowing escape.”



I’ve been anticipating this movie since I watched Prometheus, and was so excited when I saw the trailers for it. And was quite literally counting down the days until its release. So my dad and I went the day after it came out, as we’re the two in the family who love the series. Boy was it good.

First off, visually it was stunning. The CGI was really very good and the shots on the planet were incredible as well. The entire movie had a blue/grey tinge to it, like the first movie as well, which just added this air to the entire movie. It also kept harping back to the original Alien series with a chest bursting scene, there was an around the table scene, but it didn’t involve food (there was no eating scenes in the movie which was so different!) and there was an airlock scene. It was kind of like paying homage to the original series which was really nice.

As for the Aliens, which is what the movie was about, wowwwwww. There were so many genetic evolution of the Alien in this movie and it was quite incredible to see them all and how they came about. I can’t tell you how as that’s part of the movie. But you’ll find out. And finding out how the Alien, from the original series, came about was like a smack to the face.

Of course, there was a lot of violence within the movie, as the Alien loved to pop out of people in such wonderful ways and of course eat people alive. Unlike the original series, where it was done off screen, you got to see the full glory of an Alien eating a person. So yummy and wonderful. So there was no shortage of blood and carnage. And a few jump scares. The one that got me was just a gun going off, and you knew it was coming too, but it was so quiet the scene and then suddenly, BANG. Everything else, you saw it all coming, but it was just yucky.

As for the crew, it was interesting to see how dumb they were. Unlike when Ripley was the main character, and she was smart and bad-ass. Daniels in this movie did harp back to her quite well, but the rest of the crew was just so dumb and made such bad decisions. Like, let me look into this egg-like thing, and I see something move so let me put my face closer. And then get shocked when a face-hugger shows up (there are always some and there were quite a few in this one).

Overall it was fantastic. The soundtrack was amazing and went back to the original soundtrack a bit, as well as the theme from Prometheus. It was a great movie and I will be buying it to watch again, especially since I missed a few parts and need to re-view scenes to understand how they connected to later scenes. It was a long movie, over 2 hours, but it didn’t feel like it because it kept you guessing what would happen. Even up until the last minute.

Boy I can’t wait for the next one to see what happens!

Happy watching!