ALEX RIDER Operation Stormbreaker

The Movie

“The PERFECT James Bond experience for Kids and Teens.”
– Shawn Edward, Fox-TV (Kansas City)


Alex Rider – Alex Pettyfer
Darrius Sayle – Mickey Rourke
Alan Blunt – Bill Nighty
Sabina Pleasure – Sarah Bolger
Nadia Vole – Missi Pyle
Ian Rider – Ewan McGregor


*From back of DVD case.

Enter the world of Alex Rider, and ordinary teenager trained to be the ultimate spy. When his uncle (Ewan McGregor) mysteriously disappears, Alex is recruited to investigate a billionaire (Mickey Rourke) plotting to control the world’s computers. Within days he’s gone from schoolboy to super spy – but is Alex ready to save the world.

Based on the best-selling novel by Anthony Horowitz Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker is loaded with an all-star cast, cool gadgets, sinister villains and amazing stunts. Get ready for the ultimate adventure.


This movie was extraordinary. It was exciting, it was packed with adventure, there was humor, there was fight scenes. The fight scenes were incredible because you have to contemplate that there is a 14-year-old spying doing it. This movie was extremely good, and I will definitely watch it multiple times over. The acting in tis movie was phenomenal, it was done really well, and if you watch the behind the scenes, it really adds to the movie. They also had really good sets. And to add to the effect, everyone had a British accent except Jack Starbright because she is supposed to be American. Hope that you enjoy the movie.

Oh and this movie is PG.

Rating from
Violence: Guns, shooting, fighting, and explosions throughout. A man with two guns (pointed into the camera) assassinates a character, although we don’t see the impact. A character is killed for making a simple mistake. Many scenes of peril, including car and motorcycle chases, skydiving, and careening off buildings, although no blood is shown.

Sex and Language: Some flirting between teens, and some uses of the word “heck”