Hello World

Welcome to MyLibraryCardWoreOut!

So, I decided to create a blog.

Do you know why? Well, of course you don’t. I’ll tell you why.

Because I love to read. (Big duh)

But the sad thing is is that many people in the world don’t like to read and that is sad for a bookworm like me to hear. Don’t ask me why (because personally I do not know myself) but I am kind of on a mission. A mission to get more people reading. And for some reason, there is one thing I want to do (though it might take me a while to do it.) I want to buy books and send them to a place where they do not have any. Or donate to an old library to spruce up their collection. I want to send the gift of literature! I want to spread the printed word. 

In addition to that I want to change how I see books too. When I was younger I sometimes would see a book and toss it up like it was just a piece of paper and sometimes I still do that. But books are a precious thing. Many people cannot read or write and many people (even if they can read) do not have the availability of getting to a library. My library (fortunately) is about 2 miles away from me, so I can walk or bike there (though I’m too lazy to do so (#readerproblems)). And I do not know anyone who would not want to go to my library. It is like a second family and I am not talking just about the books, I am talking about the people there. Whenever I go to a library, no matter where it is, I get a familiar feeling inside. Like returning home. My library has a lot of books but not as many as some, but the librarians will happily order a books for you if you need it. If another library does not have it they will buy it and get it added to the libraries list of book.

I stated this blog because I wanted to be a blogger and I wanted to share some books which I love with people who are fortunate enough to have a computer – fortunate enough to be able to read. And I just hope that this blog gets spread around and keeps going so that everyone will not only see the books that are being reviewed, but I hope to inspire young readers and continue to foster the love of books in others. And my mom (Guest Blogger….M.O.M, My Own Mother) once in a while does posts to help keep the blog active and alive while I’m drowning in school work.

I hope that books, paper books will not dies out because of electronics. There is a difference between reading a book on a screen and reading it off paper. When you actually hold the book you get to feel the pages. You feel the book and become one with the words. On a screen, you just see the words and read it and then….POOF. It is gone just like that. You can get a book on an electronic device very fast but a book in a library you have to find it. You have to look for the book and find the author and call number.  You might need the librarian. I just hope that this blog inspires young people to read. And maybe to become be a writer themselves.

So once again, welcome.

iPhone NO                                                                                    Book YES

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  1. JAMOB says:

    When there is paper it sinks in and leaves a lasting impression, while the screen make you hyperactive and doesnt ever let you think. Reading online is a cheap replacement for the actual thing. The only reason to ever do it is if the book has disappeared from anywhere else, and in that case print it out and remake it as a book. Reading is important, and more people should realize this as it would make for a better world with less problems. Reading is the essence of education, and if there was better education then many of the problems in the world today would not exist. There would be no iraqi terrorists, because they would understand the Koran better and know it preached of love not violence. There would be no poverty becuase everyone would know how to sustain themselves. Reading is the greatest gift that can be given to any single person. Think about it. If Harry Potter and all his friends can live without technology, why cant we? Why is it that all the best stories are about heroism and chivalry? Why is it that the most epic movies of all time, such as Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, hold no more technology than swords boats and the occasional pistol or rifle? Why is it that the most interesting stories are without much technology? Because everyone has an instinct in them to wonder why all this is necessary. Why do we need technology? People got along fine without it. in fact, in a few years there could be a solar flare so large that technology all over the earth stops working, and we must revert to paper and pens, along with working for life. Would that be such a bad thing? If I am rambling, it is because of my mentor the Xenobiotic. His greatest triumph is that of art. He excels at it, and is possible the best artist I have ever seen. Fabian, my adopted older brother is the kind of person that prefers music and fun to other things, and all the smartest and most successful people loved to read. Technology isnt a bad thing, but put it down now and then and just read a book. I promise you if you pick the right one you will never stop. Think about your life. describe yourself in 3 unrelated words. Email them to me at hauk119@gmail.com or to the brilliant author of this blog, and someone will find you a perfect book. Google it, and get it from the library. Talk to people about it. But i warn you, once you start, you will never want to stop.

  2. JAMOB says:

    By the way if you dont like blocktext im sorry, ill sum it up here.
    -Read. Everything good comes from learning and books.
    -If you want to find out which book, email me or the author of this blog to find out a good one for you. Or just talk to someone
    -Reading solves problems
    -Without reading the world would suck
    I now sing a great song to all books, MY LIFE (my life) WOULD SUCK (would suck) WITHOUT YOU

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