Blogs I’m Currently Reading

Here are just a few blogs which I’ve either recently stumbled upon or have been reading for some time. I love to meet other bloggers who blog about any genre of books or YA overall so shoot me a line some time.

Mostly YA Book Obsessed

Some Like It Paranormal

The Y.A Bookworm Blogger 

Aestas Book Blog

Favorite Translations

ALPHA reader

Death, Books, and Tea

In Bed With Books

Knight Reader 

The Book Zone (For Boys)

Book Zone Big Brother

The Small Book Blog 

Dana’s YA Bookpile

Building Lifelong Readers 

The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog

Avid Reader Musing

Fangirl Confessions 

The AP Book Club

Dab of Darkness

Perks of Being A Late Night Reader

Badass Book Review

Book Lover


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