A New And Awesome Website for Authors!!!


Are you an author who is looking to get their book read, reviewed and featured? But you don’t want to pay?

I mean come on, if you’re a new author, paying someone to read your book which probably has no income yet is kind of difficult.

Well look no further.

A new website called Book Swag has been created and it’s pretty cool! It’s similar to bookbub.com, but you don’t have to pay. They’ll base their featuring on the quality of your books.

Book-Swag.com is a free weekly email that helps you find the best ebooks from established, new and indie authors. We search the internet and trawl through amazon reviews each week to find you must-read books at great prices. The authors featured on Book Swag haven’t paid to be here. Their books are chosen for one reason – they’re exciting books that you’ll want to read.

We make finding the best eBooks easier. Book Swag was created for people who love to read, by people who love to read.

Find your next great read with Book Swag.

Honestly it looks fantastic. If I was a new author, I’d want to use something like this because I wouldn’t really want to pay. It is a new site and is currently being finished and formally published so have a little patience, but they are looking for people to start heading in their direction and getting subscribers. I know that I will be because if they use quality for their books, and not money, then I’m hoping that their weekly emails will be filled with wonderful things.

So what are you waiting for?

Go and sign up!

Or if you’re an author, good luck!