Books To Movie…COMING SOON!

Soooo, I’m clearly behind everything because I only just found out about the new BFG movie coming out soon.

I’m definitely going to be seeing this because I remember reading the book as a child. It wasn’t my favorite book, not by a long shot, but I did enjoy it. And the trailer looks quite good, I have to say. Even if it does look a little…hollywoodized. It is a Spielberg movie so of course it will have to be big.

But what do you think about the trailer? Do you remember the movie and will you be checking it out?

I’m not setting my hopes too high yet, but I’m hoping it will do the book justice.

In addition to this there is an Inferno movie coming out. That one I’m REALLY excited for as I loved that book! The book was exciting and similar to other Dan Brown books but the message throughout this one was kind of shocking and eye opening. So I do recommend reading the book. It wasn’t a terribly difficult read but it brings up some interesting concepts.

This is another book to movie I’ll be checking out as well! This summer will be awesome movie wise.