Best Books of 2015 – Gift Giving Made Easy

The holiday season is in full swing and people are writing lists, and checking them twice. As with everything the best gift has to be a book! Everyone loves books, and if they aren’t too keen on words there are beautiful picture books – ok that might be for children – but there are plenty of books full of images and few words for those who don’t like to read (what is wrong with them?).


Best books 2015 book covers

But walk into a bookstore and the sheer number of books is overwhelming. Where do you go? What book? What department?

Well, as in other years, the helpful elves over at NPR have compiled their list of BEST BOOKS of 2015 (sends shivers down your spine!!!). Busy? You can listen to the report. And there are loads to choose from. Based on books read and loved by NPR staff and critics there are over 260 books that have made it here. But the sheer genius is they have created filters so you can streamline the list and tailor make the selections for what you want to read your lucky recipient. And choose a few for yourself.

You are welcome!