The Elves Are Busy Helping With Your Gifts

With the holiday season in full swing it’s time to stop reading, put down the books and think what wonderful things to give as gifts? Everywhere you turn there are suggestions: socks, scarves and gloves, perfume, something for the kitchen. All good ideas, if not slightly ordinary and expected.

So, how to be creative and give the best present imaginable? Well, why not start with a book? After all you are a reader and book lover (or else you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog) so why not  share your love with your friends and family? Exactly.

Where to start with so many wonderful books to read? At this time of the year ‘Best of the year’ lists are all over the place and every publisher, book seller, newspaper, etc. have recommendations but really, where to start?

To help you here are some suggestions. NPR staff have created a truly wonderful, awe inspiring guide  – Concierge – with filters to help you choose what to read gift. There are LOADS of categories including Young Adult, Kids, fiction, cookbooks and much more. You can apply multiple filters to really focus your selection and then you’ve got your book(s) chosen. There are over 250 titles! And as if that wasn’t enough they have links to several other years with more choices. HERE. No reason not to find a book to read gift.

Happy reading!