2018 Goals: For Reading and Blog!

With 2017 slowly drawing to a close, I figured that it was time to start setting some reading goals as well as some goals for this blog!

I know that I have been neglecting the blog a little, or a lot, these semester, but I have been drowning in school. I started my thesis and it was taking a lot of my time. But I want to get it back to the glory that it once was! So I will be working hard to post at least once a week! This is maybe seeming like a small goal, but next semester will be just as hard! I hope to try and finish at least one book a month, so that is my goal for posting wise. But I would like to get at least 1-2 blog posts up a week! I post regularly on Instagram though (@mylibrarycardworeout) as it takes way less time! So follow me there for updates!

As for my personal reading goals, I am going to read Anna Karenina in 2018 with my mum! We’ll read at the same time and complete it, hopefully, over 2018, which is our reading goal!

What are your goals, persona, blog or reading wise for 2018!

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