How To Be A Discerning Reader by Book Riot

discerning |diˈsərniNG|
having or showing good judgment: the restaurant attracts discerning customers.

Greg Zimmerman, one of the authors for Book Riot, wrote a post which had seven steps to becoming a discerning reader. I just found this post and I am going to use some of his tips while I read and review some of my later books.

Do any of you have any different things which you do to be a discerning reader?

I was not really aware of any of this but this post really did bring it to light and made me realize that I do some of the things on that list, well do what they say not to do.

Click here to read this great post.

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2 Responses to How To Be A Discerning Reader by Book Riot

  1. Hey, thanks for the link – I’m glad the post was useful to you!

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