Slightly Foxed

In this day of mass-produced everything, it is lovely to find a place that still creates books by hand. The book feels different, it looks different, and it smells different. You also get to read the book knowing that there are only so many of them and that these books were made by someone, made by hand.

My mother purchased one of the 2,000 copies which are going to be made. We got copy number 17. How exciting.

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Teen books normally get reviewed by adults. Isn't it time that a teen reviewed some for other teens? Feel free to contact me over anything, I am open for discussions so don't be shy to email questions or comments. Contact me at mylibrarycardworeoutATgmailDOTcom (replace AT and DOT with symbol) AlSO FIND ME ON... You can also find me on... GoodReads (under MyLibraryCardWoreOut) LibraryThing (under MyLibraryCardWoreOut) Instagram (mylibrarycardworeout) Google ( Pinterest ( Twitter (@mlcwo) Facebook (My Library Card Wore Out)
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