by Elie Wiesel

“A slim volume of terrifying power.”
-The New York Times


* From Back Of Book

Born in the town of Sighet, Transylvania, Elie Wiesel was a teenager when he and his family were taken from their home in 1944 to  the Auschwitz concentration camp, and then to Buchenwald. Night is the terrifying record of Elie Wiesel’s memories of the death of his family, and the death of his own innocence, and his despair as a deeply observant Jew confronting the absolute evil of man. This new translation by his wife and most frequent translator, Marion Wiesle, corrects important details and presents the most  accurate rendering in English of Elie Wiesel’s testimony to what happened in the camps and of his unforgettable message that this horror must never be allowed to happen again.


This book was really powerful. It showed how terrifying the Nazi’s really were. This book made me cry a lot and I felt really depressed after reading it. It was really terrifying to read.

It was really good and you learn’t a lot about the Nazi’s but it was painful.


I would recommend this book for anyone over the age of 14. Not only for the topic, but for the things tha

t are described in full detail. Some of the detail are gut wrenching and painful. Be sure to let your parents know before you read it so they can check it.

Don’t tell me I did not warn you.

Fun Fact: This was an Oprah book club book. She met Elie Wiesel and they both visited Auschwitz with Mr. Wiesel.

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