10 Book Related Goodies for Book Lovers!!!

Finding a book related goodie for your book lover can be quite difficult because it’s hard to find something that they may enjoy. But after a lot of reading, and thinking what I would like as a book-lover I came up with a small, and quite inexpensive, gift list!

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1. Out of Print Banned Book Mug 

banned book mug
From Amazon.com

What is better than a mug, because all of us readers LOVE tea or coffee while we are reading (or hot chocolate during the winter) so why not get us a mug that is book related.





2. Shakespeare Socks

shakespeare socks
From Amazon.com

All of us readers love wearing socks because they keep our feet warm as we’re curled up with our noses buried in a book. And what’s better than having the Bard himself on our socks? Maybe reading one of his works?




3. Telephone Box Themed Book Ends

telephone box style book ends
From Amazon.com

With all of the books us book lovers have, we needs something to keep them standing upright, otherwise they’re going to be spilling all over. With different colors to choose from, these English Telephone Box Themed Book Ends are sure to please!



4. Book Lover Street Sign

Book Lover Street Sign
From Amazon.com

If the book lover in your life has a special place where they read, instead of having it unmarked so uninvited guests may walk in, get them a sign which shows that this room is theirs and that what is beyond that door is magical.

5. Book Themed Clock for Keychain

Book Themed Clock
From Amazon.com

Sometimes when we read we loose track of time. So what better thing then a mini clock which is book themed? Love it!




6. Book Light

book light
From Amazon.com

Now this is useful to have. Sometimes we like to stay up late and sneak in a few more pages, or read next to your partner while they sleep, so having a small light is very convenient to finish that chapter…or book.



7. Book Lover Magnetic Poetry 

Book Lover Magnetic Poetry
From Amazon.com

This bring everyone back to their childhood. Now adults can make poetry on their fridge while they’re waiting for their tea to brew so they can finish the newest book.



8. The Book Lovers Journal

book lovers journal
From Amazon.com

Now this is one of my favorite gifts. I may even get this for myself because it helps you record what you’ve read and your opinions on the book and if you liked it or not. For yourself or maybe for your child one day to know your favorite books when you were younger. Definitely one to add to your list.




9. Aiblophibia Sweatshirt/T-Shirt

abibliophobia t-shirt
From Amazon.com

Now this is cute! It comes as a sweatshirt or a t-shirt, but I love the sweatshirt as reading in comfy sweatshirts are amazing. And this word so is most readers – the fear of running out of books to read.




10. Leather Journal

leather journal
From Amazon.com

Readers generally like to write as well and having an ancient looking leather journal is fantastic. With the blank pages you can either write or draw within the book and feel like your living in the wild or some fantasy world with the leather casing.

A little pricey but these types of journals are of excellent quality and sure to last years!